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SCHOLARSHIPS:  Here's a starting point...

We encourage all high school students and their parents to begin preparing for the senior year as soon as possible. 

- Conduct scholarship searches during the Junior year and the summer going into the Senior year.

- Make a list of all relevant scholarships AND their deadlines.

- Learn and practice writing effective essays.

- Your GPA matters!  Take your classwork seriously.

- Create a high school bio/resume and keep it updated.

- Become a well-rounded student.  Get involved!

- Find your passion and volunteer within your community and on campus. 

- Keep track of your volunteer hours beginning with the Freshman year.  (See Mrs. Morgan for help.)

- Employment is also important even if it is a summer job.

- Build relationships with your teachers; you will need letters of recommendation. 

- Athletes should work closely with the Athletic Director to help promote him/herself on our web page and more. 

- Apply for lots of scholarships.

- PRAY for God to open doors of blessing.


Below is a short list of scholarship opportunities.  Don't stop here! 

Step Up Scholarship:   -


McKay Scholarship: -


AAA Scholarship:  -

Clay Electric Scholarship

Joe Murphy Memorial Scholarship

National Honor Society Scholarship

Key Club / Kiwanis Scholarship

Santa Fe College Scholarships

Duty-Owens Scholarship

Bright Futures Scholarship

North Florida Technical College Scholarships

Trade School/Business mentor/training opportunities

Athletic Scholarships

Coca Cola Scholarship

AmVet Scholarship for children and grandchildren

Clay Chamber Scholarship

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