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Tuition & Fees

NO CHARGE for pre-planned lunch.

Optional A la Carte lunch items are offered daily for a charge.

Scholarships Accepted:

Florida School Choice Vouchers

Step Up for Students

Family Empowerment Scholarship - Students With Unique Abilities

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship & Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options

AAA Scholarship

Hope Christian Academy Scholarship (please inquire)

K5-5th Grades

Tuition: $7,465

6th-8th Grades:

Tuition: $7,685

9th-11th Grades

Tuition: $7,710

12th Grade

Tuition: $7,810

Misc. Fees:

 - Registration: $100

- Books:

     K5-5th: $350

     6th-12th: $450

- STAR Readiness Testing: $40

- Art/PE/Music (K5-8th grades): $50

 - Technology:

      K5-5th: $25

      6th-12th: $120 includes Chromebook

- Graduation (12th grade): $100 

- Uniform: $90

      HCA jacket

      Chapel shirt

      Spirit shirt

      PE shorts & shirt (9th grade)

 - Planner: $10

- Online Communication: $30

- Sports Fees: Based on sport

- Before- & After-Care: Not part of tuition

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