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CLICK to view or download the 2023-2024 Handbook  
Contact the HCA Front Office if you have questions.
 Thank you.


Headwear (hats, visors, etc.):
 None permitted to be worn inside any HCA/HBC building with the exception of the HCA gymnasium.

Water bottles: Clear only

Hair cuts: Follow HCA Handbook policy

Hoodies:  None permitted

Clothing:  HCA-Approved attire only

Cell phones:  Cell phones must be turned off and kept inside book bags from 7:45AM until 3 PM daily. However, if lesson plans call for cell phone usage, such as scientific calculating, research, or FLVS the administration and teachers will have the discretion for student cell phone use. At the end of class, the cell phones will be powered off and returned to the book bag.

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